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           公司成立于 2003 年,经五年扩建,现拥有D53K-2000、D53K-3500、D53K-5000数控辗环机各一台、各类配套、检测设施齐全。为中国锻压协会会员,通过ISO9001-2000认证,压力容器用钢锻件安全注册证书、压力管道元件制造许可证。主要生产400mm-5000mm的环形锻件,在化工机械、工程机械风力发电,等许多领域广泛得到应用。

              Huali Ringlike Forging Co.,Ltd is located in the wellknow sanitary city Zhangjiagang,close to Nantong in the east ,Shanghai and Suzhou in the south,adjacent to Jiangyin Changjiang Great Bridge in the west ,Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone and the natural deep water Zhangjiagang Port in the north,with the convenient water and land transportation .
              The company was established in 2003with the total investment of RMB8million,mainly produce various type of scamless rings such as gear rings,flange rings,mine can tyre and needle tube with the advanced technology.The certification of ISO9001quality system was also passed.The elaborately processed 400mm-2500mm ringlike forgings have widely been used in Chemical machinery,mine machinery,knitting machinery and other industries.
        The general manager of Huali Ringlike Forging Co.,Ltd Yin Luxing On behalf of himself and all staff sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to visist our company.
              The aim of our company is quality first,sincere cooperation,customer supreme and common prosperity.

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