Who We Are

The Aim Behind Our Company

Hi there fashion geeks!
Welcome to our little small world where we strive to make sure that you look amazing and your fashion meets every occasion to T. For many years we've been part of Pakistan's clothing industry on various different levels and our main goal is to provide best quality and price for our customers. Pakistan is home to one of the world's leading brands but the problem is that their products are too expensive. The sad thing is that due to their strong hold of the market people are forced to pay these ridiculous sums for these products. So, we decided that we'll make the effort to bring the same quality that those brands offer but at rates which everyone can afford. Our team has carefully optimized our designs, quality and fitting to all the latest trends in fashion. We believe through your help we will build a new culture of fashion that is not only affordable but also suits your needs perfectly! Clothes are different from other stuff we buy. They become part of our appearance and personality, therefore, we want to make sure that your clothing speaks for your perfect personality all the time.
Serving our customers and fulfilling their demands is our priority. We bring our products from all the top factories directly to your door step. Zobido team believes that our customers are not just consumers they are our family. So, let's best all these big names that control our market and bring back the joy and excitement of shopping for everyone!

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Danial Ahmed Purewal
CEO & Founder

Zuhaib Ahmad
COO & Founder