Everyone loves to look good

Everyone loves to look good

Everyone loves to look good, and one of the components of the fashion is clothing. Both men and woman decorate their selves so that they can impress the people in the surrounding. Choice of the cloths varies depending upon several factors like body language and body shape.

Culture plays a really important role in clothing. For example, people in subcontinent (Asia) mostly wear shalwar-Kameez or Kurta-pajamas whereas People in America usually known for western wear, which includes denim wear, cowboy hat, and flannel shirts.

People who have an idea of their body type can easily decide what type of clothing they should choose for them. Skinny people prefer skinny jeans with the wide range of well fitted shirts that include casual shirts and T-shirts. Whereas, fat people when see models on TVs or media they try to wear something like that in which they look familiar to their idols but they don’t look that good because the models on television most of times are smart and skinny.

In conclusion, the ones who are familiar with their body shape can easily decide what suits them and how can they be the best version of them clothing-wise. On the other hand, people with fat bodies face difficulty choosing their clothing. Clothing is all about knowing what suits your body…

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